Maximum return from your management system

What is it?

RASCI-as-a-Service is a service agreement for periodic support in optimizing your business processes and keeping your management system up-to-date. This gives you access to an experienced management consultant whenever you want.


Who is it for?

Organizations with an existing management system that:

  • Want to use this optimally and get more return from their investment;
  • Want to improve their management system in a systematic way;
  • Want to use our knowledge and experience with management systems.

Our consultants are experts in developing and optimizing custom management systems. They do this according to the participative RASCI-method© and have extensive experience with state-of-the-art software systems.


What are the benefits?

Hands-on support for current issues regarding your management system, so that your management system is always up to date and meets the latest state of affairs.


Which topics will be covered?

During the periodic meetings, topics are discussed such as:

  • Points of attention regarding your management system;
  • Changes in the organization and their impact on the management system;
  • Optimizing your processes in combination with the software options;
  • Analyzing and addressing points for improvement from internal and external audits;
  • Analysis and improvement of the issue registration system (deviations, complaints, improvements, etc.);
  • Conducting internal audits and preparing the management review;
  • Tips & tricks for the optimal use of your management system.


How long does it take?

The periodic meetings usually last one half day, during which we agree in advance the frequency with which we meet.

  • During the meetings we discuss the topics relevant to you;
  • We do this together with QHSE Managers, process owners and involved management team members.


What is the investment?

The meetings are invoiced afterwards based on our regular consultancy rate.



Getting the best from organizations, that's where my passion goes. I like to do this a little different than most people are used to, surprise and refresh rather than repeat. I also believe that people will become creative and inspired by this. To develop their talent even further.

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