Full Blown Approach

Use the RASCI-method© in the entire organization

What is it?

To map and optimize your business processes under professional guidance. We do this together with management, process owners and directly involved employees, based on a phased approach according to the RASCI-method©.

Who is it for?

Organizations that are convinced of the power of the RASCI-method© and who:

  • Want to clarify the process and the role that employees play in it;
  • See a need to address their processes in their cohesion;
  • Want to be guided by seasoned professional.

What are the benefits?

After experiencing a Full Blown Approach, your organization has:

  • Fully mapped processes using flow charts;
  • Responsibilities that have been clarified throughout RASCI1);
  • Process improvements and ownership are established;
  • A solid and transferable foundation for further growth and development;
  • The ability to use the RASCI-method© independently.

Many organizations use the results to gain clarity in the used software applications and ERP systems, to improve them or even to introduce completely new automated workflows.


What topics will be covered?

A full blown apprach consists of three phases:


Phase 1

  • Tuning reason, scope and expectations;
  • Mapping your processes and interdependences (business process model);
  • Draw up a project plan with processes to be worked out, role distribution and time planning.

Phase 2

  • Train involved employees in the RASCI-method© (1 part per group);
  • Work out business processes in workgroups (According to the 3-2-1 Method).
  • Schedule and implement improvement points per process.

Phase 3

  • Monitor and audit processes;
  • Project evaluation (mid term and at the end).

How long does it take? 

A full blown apporach has a lead time of approximately 6 to 12 months, but depends on the type of organization. depending on the availability of the participants and the number of selected processes. For preparation, approximately 4 dayparts are required, of which 2 sessions with management. In addition, a workshop will be given of 1 day (2 dayparts) and the workgroups will be supervised (1 or 2 dayparts per process).  After Phase 1 there is clarity about the total size and a good estimate can be made of the total lead time and investments for Phase 2. The organization decides by phase how to proceed with this and always remains in control of the relevant budget.


What is the investment?

We will be happy to discuss the possibilities and wishes with you. Based on your specific situation, we will work out a proposal that will help you decide on the first phase. Please contact us via info@rascimethode.nl or call +31(0)73-522 11 00. 


1) RASCI is an acronym for expressing responsibilities and represents the different roles, namely: Responsible, Accountable, Support, Consult and Inform.




By means of the RASCI-method©, we managed to integrate 3 different companies into one uniform process in a relatively short period of time. We now also have one proposition to the customer. We are therefore very proud of the transition we have made.

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