Online basic course

Basic course RASCI-method©

What is it?

A webbased training in which employees receive an explanation about the RASCI-model. This allows them to read and understand processes better. This provides insight into which roles and responsibilities they and others have. 


Who is it for?

  • Organizations that work with the RASCI-method© and want to train more people from the organization;
  • For those employees in your organization who need to be familiar with the RASCI-model.


What are the benefits?

This online training makes sure your employees:

  • Understand the meaning of the RASCI1) acronym;
  • Know how to read RASCI-processes;
  • Can judge what their role and that of others in a process is. 


What topics will be covered?

The topics covered in the basic course are:

  • Basic principles of the RASCI-method©;
  • Overview in processes;
  • Practice with processes and flowcharts;
  • Different roles, different responsibilities;
  • What exactly do the RASCI letters mean?
  • Evaluate the RASCI-model.

Theoretical knowledge is interspersed with questions and exercises on the subject matter. Participants receive a certificate of participation, a detailed example process and a reference work on the meaning of RASCI.


How long does it take?

This online basic course takes about 50 minutes and works on a computer, tablet and smartphone. Participants can interrupt the course if desired and resume it at a later time.


What is the investment?

The costs for this basic course are € 59,- per participant (excluding VAT).


1) RASCI is an acronym for expressing responsibilities and represents the different roles, namely: Responsible, Accountable, Support, Consult and Inform.


I think the Online Basic Course is a must for anyone who is already working with RASCI, who wants to understand the basics and / or who needs to get started with it for the first time. I particularly find the practical example "Booking holidays" to immediately put the theoretical knowledge into practice to be of great added value. We will certainly include this training in the training plan for new employees.

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