Next generation Management System

Give your Management System a jump start

What is it?

A ready for use, state of the art, digital management system based upon the RASCI-method©.


Who is it meant for?

Specially developed in cooperation with MacDermid Enthone for ZinKlad applicators. 

  • If you feel the need to get the next generation paperless management system;
  • If you want to benefit from the know how and simplicity of the RASCI-method©;
  • If you want to control and improve your business.


What are the benefits?

Applicators who embrace M-CORE will have acces to:

  • A logical and understandable applicator process model;
  • Best practices of worldwide applicator processes (nearly full coverage);
  • Easy accesable and flexible software suite Cofano Blue;
  • RASCI-method© know how and training1);
  • An IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and CQI-11 compliant system.


What's included?

M-CORE is based on the RASCI-method©, and includes the following:

  • Your own web based digital platform;
  • Completely installed and full of valuable content;
  • Start-up guidance and software training;
  • Classroom and online training in the RASCI-method©;
  • Implementation support;
  • Free updates and new features;
  • 24/7 service desk.  


We can provide you these services on your local premisses and abroad.


How soon can you start?

You can get a jump start with your own online platform in only two weeks. You can even start your online training directly after ordering. 

Local training and support will be planned in close cooperation and depends on the availability of participants and trainers.


What is the investment?

Based on your specific situation, we will work out a proposal on request.

The investment depends on the number of users and required implementation and training support.


We will be happy to discuss the possibilities and your specific needs. Contact us via or call +31 (0)6-51 428 482.  


1) RASCI is an acronym for expressing responsibilities and represents the different roles, namely: Responsible, Accountable, Support, Consult and Inform.


When I became a worldwide Business Unit director I thought of how to simply put it on paper and then I remembered Arno from the past. I visit a lot of big companies and its actualy surprising that such a strong and simple method is not well known in the world. There are so many other companies that could benefit of this.

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